Garyn Heidemann has raised me as a dressage rider for the last nine years. She has taught me invaluable lessons in the saddle, but also in character. Installing dedication, appreciation, sportsmanship, and above all horsemanship. She has the same effect on horses as she does humans—she brings out the best in you. She creates a positive learning atmosphere and provides straightforward correct training to make you and your horse excel and strive for your best.

-- Novella Randall


Novella and Red celebrating their success at R6 Championships 2016! 

I've had the pleasure of riding with Garyn for many years. Garyn teaches in a positive manner with clear instruction and gives you the tools needed so that you really learn to ride! It's also been a great joy for me to watch Garyn coach my daughter. With young riders, Garyn has the ability to use humor, make lessons fun but still have clear boundaries as to what is expected of them. My daughter wouldn't have any other coach. Garyn's work ethic and passion for her sport is unprecedented. When Garyn's not riding or coaching, she's reading articles or watching dressage videos and then shares relative material with her students. I can honestly say she eats, sleeps, breathes dressage. Garyn is empathetic and fair with the horses and gives them the best possible care. I've witnessed Garyn bring the best out of horses that others had given up on. She really is a gem. 

-Brigitte Czerwinski

To find a trainer that suits you and your horse is hard. To find a great trainer for your horse and yourself is even harder.
I have been with Garyn for just over a year now. I first saw her and heard about her at horse shows and really liked what I saw and heard. She has proven to be a positive, caring, fair person. She has gone far and beyond to help me and my horse. She will listen to me and we can exchange training ideas, health issues, body issues and mental issues with my horse. I also love the fact that she never stops learning. She is so good at listening to me, for a great trainer there is the horse then there is the owner. Garyn is the best at feeling the horse she can relate to them so well; she is very calm but also confident with what she is doing.
She is honest to a T; I like that because we all know where each other stands. I also love 
my lessons that I have from Garyn. I can understand easily what she is telling me and if I don’t she’ll explain it to me in simple terms.
In NZ language “she’s a bloody beaut.”

-Sally Fraser

I have had the incredible opportunity to ride with Garyn for the past 8 years.  Throughout the years Garyn has helped me to define and achieve my goals as a rider, including receipt my USDF Bronze Medal this year.  Most recently Garyn was instrumental in helping me find my new partner, Goji, whom we are very excited about!  Garyn provides support throughout the entire process of owning, caring for, riding and training your horse and has not only helped me become a better rider but also a better horse person.  Garyn has the ability to bring out the best in all different types of horses and riders of all levels and does so with compassion for both.  She is a motivating and inspiring rider who can successfully train and compete young horses on up to Grand Prix and who continues to ride and train with a variety of clinicians and brings everything she learns back to her training program.  I would not be where I am today as a rider without Garyn's help!

-- Malinda Shelman

I was introduced to Garyn in the spring of 2016 and immediately knew that she has that something special. Little did I know she was going to change my way of riding and my excitement for dressage.

Garyn has a way of teaching and riding that is unique. I have gained confidence from her and this comes from her ability to give information in a way that I can use whether she is there or not. My dressage has become so much better and my scores prove that.

My two horses are jumping better and are more disciplined due to the dressage training she has taught me.

She is an incredible rider. She is able to connect with every horse I have seen her ride which is a very unusual talent. She has empathy for all of them and she brings out the best in them whether they have natural talent or not.

I’m proud to call her a friend and I credit her with my success in the show ring. It’s called, Garyn Magic!

-- Lisa Eppley of Acacia Farm

I have known Garyn Heidemann for around 12 years now and have been her student all the while. I first met her when I was still quite young and beginning dressage with my then 6 year old thoroughbred gelding Montague, that I had received from the track. Together, Garyn has guided us from Training level all the way to Grand Prix. Her enthusiasm for her sport and her students is unparalleled as well as her devotion to your success.

One of Garyn's more impressive talents is her ability to work with a variety of horses and temperaments and always brings the best out of them. My thoroughbred can be very sensitive and emotional when he's learning something new and Garyn has always been patient and thoughtful when he's feeling confused and unsure. There is no cookie cutter training technique with Garyn- she recognizes that horses are all individuals and must be treated as such.

Through the years I have grown so much as a rider because of Garyn's commitment to my goals. It is hard sometimes to find a trainer that has the best interest of their horses and students at heart, but I got lucky at a young age and through the years I have seen Garyn's horses and students consistently improve.

-- Kelsey Campbell

My horse and I have been in full training with Garyn for just over a year. We have made more progress in this past year than we have with any other trainer! Garyn is extremely skilled at advancing my horse with a kind and fair approach. She always puts the horse’s well being above all else. My horse has never felt so relaxed, supple, and in self carriage! In our lessons, Garyn is patient and skilled with communicating how to change things and helps me to understand why. She is a good listener and respects what the rider is feeling. Every lesson ends with progress and a feeling of accomplishment. One lesson she was so complimentary early into the ride that I began to laugh. She made me feel like I had won the Olympics, but I had only managed to get my horse in front of the leg at the WALK! Always a smile on her face and ready to give me her full attention. Thank you Garyn!

-Wendi Montgomery

Kelsey and Monty sharing a moment in the cross ties

Emily and Lines 29 riding in a Jessica Wisdom Clinic at Cain Lake

I started working for Garyn in 2011 as a groom in exchange for lessons on one of her horses. Within a month, I felt like I was part of the Cain Lake family. Each person and each horse are an individual to Garyn, and she will find what works for each one. She is extremely loyal, kind, and patient, and will never give up on you if you are willing to work for it. She has pushed me in the very best of ways, and I have grown so much in both my riding and my horsemanship skills since joining the barn family. Garyn can always find the good in every horse, and is in this line of work because she genuinely loves the horses. She will pinpoint exactly what each horse needs, and will work through everything possible to help a horse (and their rider) find their success. I am privileged to consider Garyn a friend, as well as my coach and trainer. She is the very best sort of person to have in your corner, both in the barn and out. 

-- Emily Vander Haak

Malinda and her late mare, Hanna.